Superb Features That Make the Best Home Security Cameras

Why would you want a home security camera motion activated for surveillance? What is the point of infrared security cameras? What kind of resolution makes for a great camera? There are lots of questions about home security cameras, many of which don’t have a definitive better or best ranking because the application in your home is going to make all the difference. But since it’s important to understand what’s out there and what might work best for your home let’s take time and answer just a few of the questions that will help you decide what’s the best home security camera for you.

What is the point of infrared capability?

New Roof 154013564When you set up your camera under the eaves of your roof with the intent of watching the front of your house and monitoring it day and night it will be incredibly frustrating when darkness falls and you can’t see anything. It used to be that homeowners would keep black and white cameras because they functioned better in the darkness, but these days infrared or night-vision features have come into widespread use.  Cameras with infrared ability have sensors that will tell the camera to switch over to night vision in when the lighting gets low and LED infrared lights will reflect into the darkness creating reflections that the camera can pick up and interpret into images. Pretty cool!

Wired Vs. Wireless

These days pretty much everything is going wireless. But if you don’t trust wireless systems and “the cloud” or if you simply want to know that your system is unaffected by the interference of other signals wired might be the answer for you. cell-95478718That said chances are you’ll find that wireless is more versatile and cheaper, but of course they could be hacked by a really crafty burglar.

Why get motion activated?

Motion activated camera systems are pretty handy when you want to have a direct hand on your home monitoring. Motion activated cameras will detect movement and will inform you through email or text that something is up. This will allow you to then view the footage being broadcast by the camera and act upon any necessary information. If you’re hoping to actually use the information your camera is broadcasting then motion activated will let you know when it’s important to check in and pay attention.

What camera features should I look for?

The most important features for you to look for include quality image resolution such as 720p, which is as good as your HD television, and PTZ or pan, tilt, zoom features that mean your camera is versatile and can be manipulated for a better view as you need. Also it’s important to make sure that your cameras are run by a reliable and high-capacity DVR so that you can access the footage your camera is capturing when it’s important for you to have it. And of course you want to make sure that your camera is able to communicate with your computer or phone to send you alerts and allow you remote accessibility.